Yes, Content is Still King

Karen Vujnovic of Manta wrote a short post today highlighting that “All Hail Content, It’s Still King” –

Although the post was a teaser and lacked any real actionable information, It did cause me to nod my head in “yup, content has always been king”

Is it difficult to implement? Not at all. When you think about it, If a customer is searching for the things that your business excels at, and you have that answer on your website,

you are very likely to be served up near the top of the results that Google delivers.

The more specific the content on your site, the higher you will rank. For example, if a customer queries, “local bakery” sure a bunch of local bakeries will show up with a bunch of ads to boot. But, it a customer queries ” I’m looking for biscotti,” and you have a page dedicated to biscotti, Who do you think will rank better.

With the move of search engines toward semantic search, great content is even more critical.

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Richard A Marti Jr.


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By Richard A. Marti Jr.