Be Aware!

wannacry ransomware

As you have probably heard, there is a new, very malicious ransomware out called “WannaCry”

If your computer has a Microsoft version less than Windows 10 – you are vulnerable to attack!
This includes:
Windows 8 if the updates are not installed
Windows 7 if the updates are not installed
Windows Vista
Windows XP
There will be variant in this RansomWare so it is important to stay current.

Immediate actions you should take:
1. Install Security patch from Microsoft.– Type “Update” in the Windows search box near the Windows/Start button and follow instructions to check for and install updates.  These updates will close the vulnerabilities in Windows.
2.  Refresh and/or update current Anti-Virus software. If you don’t have any security, start a new program. Even if it is just a trial version for now.  I use and recommend that you try Malwarebytes:
3. Be wary of any link sent in an email! Ransomware is spread by phishing emails and malicious adverts on websites, questionable apps, and programs.
4. Back up your machine.
5. If you are prompted to pay a ransom for any reason, DO NOT pay it!!!

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By Julie Frenis