Why Social Media?

Social Media is just for people sharing pictures of their kittens right? Well Ok, that does happen but there is an important difference in conversations today than any time in the past. Today, a large percentage of conversations are now conducted in public. Some of those conversation are about you.

A few things to consider about this.

  1. Are you listening to what is being said?
  2. Are you correcting false information and spreading the good conversations? Are you engaging?
  3. Are you using social media to spread good press?
  4. Are you occasionally sharing any special offers?

Another consideration. Are you using social media advertising to deliver messages to the highly targeted audience? For example, are you trying to reach brides? Well, Facebook knows who recently got engaged. That’s pretty targeted. There is one other factor to remember. People who play in social media also have easy ways to share your content. That’s kind of hard to do with a billboard!

Is social media and important component in your marketing mix? Absolutely. You would not think about allowing a phone call to go unanswered in your business. Would you consider allowing customers to hear crickets when they ask questions or leave comments online where everyone they know can read them?

One more thought to ponder. We all know that marketing is more a dialog between consumer needs and our product or service offerings than advertising which is a vehicle to deliver messages. Social channels allow us to have direct feedback from our customers allowing us to better serve their needs.